Clients' reviews

"From the very beginning we were impressed with the level of skill shown by Strategia Lex lawyers. They do their work professionally, solve the most complicated problems and communicate clearly with their clients".

Nicolay Frolov,
Head of Legal Department
«Novoeniseyskiy Wood-Chemical Complex»

"You can always rely on them for safe legal support. They have a wide range of consulting services and huge experience of work.".

Oleg Sedlovsky,
Director, Group of companies “ROI”

Problems arised while concluding rent contract for room in business-center. We consulted Aleksey Poeluev expert Strategia Lex company on the recommendation. His professional and prompt support allowed to solve the problem swiftly, to conclude and register the contract, to minimize the losses.

Valentina Gromova,
CEO of LLC Technopromstroy

"We express our sincere gratitude to Strategia Lex for honest attitude and mutual understanding, responsible and efficient work! Special remarks to professionalism of Sergey Nemov the managing partner. We'll be glad to develop our cooperation".

Ulia Zhukova,
Commercial Director of Teaser Media Agency

"In our case external consultants turned out to be a more beneficial solution than a staff lawyer. We have consulted them many times including on cases of pretrial disputes with counterparties and tax issues. And we have always had qualified and swift help. Next time we have a legal issue we’ll consult only them!".

Denis Ryzhenkov,
CEO of LLC Dzhazl

"There is a staff lawyer in my company and I'm quite satisfied with his work. But it happens that I need to be secured with an additional qualified opinion. In such cases I consult the lawyers of Strategia Lex (former Schutsky, Yusupov and Partners), who I have known as high-class specialists for more than 10 years. I’m very pleased to cooperate with this company!".

Aleksandr Mitchenkov,
CEO of LLC Orange

"We started to work with Schutsky, Yusupov and Partners in the middle of 2015, now we cooperate with Strategia Lex. They always get to the core of a problem, offer effective solutions and achieve the stated goals.".

Natalia Kalinkina,

"This is what business consulting must be.".

Aleksey Chaunikov,
Executive director of LLC GRANIT

"A bank took me to court in an attempt to revise the terms with which I purchased equipment from a bankrupt company. I consulted Strategia Lex. The court made a decision in my favour. The lawyers of this company are real professionals! They know exactly the needs of a client!".

Evgeny Kalmykov,
Sole entrepreneur, Moscow

"I express my gratitude for provided legal support.".

Leonid Nepomnyaschiy,
Honored artist of Russia